The Power of Kokopelli, Part III: Mischief

We've always believed that rules are really just guidelines. We’re not talking about the serious, underlying rules that govern cultures and societies, but the other billions of rules we’re subjected to. Like not going up the “down” escalator. Or going in the “out” door. You know, the non-malicious rule bending that keeps us young.

And pulling pranks – the all-in-good-humor ones where the victim laughs as much as the perpetrator. Like filling a colleague's workspace with balloons while they’re on holiday. Once, in college, while I was asleep my roommate Allen sealed me in our room from the outside by stacking aluminum cans in the doorframe and covering the wall with newspaper to hold them in place. When I pulled open the door to dash to an exam, the wall of cans came crashing down. I had to punch my way through the paper and headed off to class with a higher-than-expected level of adrenalin! Now that was funny and mischievous.

What rules have you bent lately? Been up to any mischief? Any stories you'd like to share?! Enquiring minds want to know! ;)

Dennis Hodges
Dennis Hodges


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