How to end your week in style

Happy Little Saturday, everyone!

“Little Saturday?” you ask. “But it’s only Friday.” Exactly.

For a long time here at Xpelli, we’ve called Friday “Little Saturday”. It’s not that we’re not working – quite the opposite. We typically have the same amount of work that needs to get done before we head home for the weekend at the close of business on Friday. 

It’s an attitude.


We discovered that by calling Friday “Little Saturday” it changed the context of the day. Instead of Friday being the last day of the workweek, it is now the first day of the weekend – in our minds and hearts at least.

Just this subtle, mischievous change has significantly shifted our perspective of this all-important day. Just by thinking about it as the first day of the weekend, we find that the work goes a little smoother, we’re mentally more relaxed and when the whistle blows for us to turn off the lights and head out the door, we’re already starting to chill. Give it a try, see how it changes your attitude and share the magic with others! #littlesaturday

Have a great weekend!

Dennis Hodges
Dennis Hodges


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