How we roll

March 16, 2014


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Well, "roll" is a bit of an exaggeration… 

We're busy completing the next "Pellis" to share with you - drawing, finalizing, uploading new images every week. It's a huge amount of fun for us and we hope you're enjoying the shirts and the messages. 

This is us working at our combination breakfast bar/office. We've spared you our "weekend" faces - believe us, it's for the best!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

So, Xpelli started as a seemingly one-off spark: fotopelli, a combination of word play and placing Kokopelli into a 21st century setting. And I thought that was that, silly me. Add inspiration from my good friend Lee Shiney who, when shown fotopelli, suggested "xpelli" that would incorporate Pelli in any situation. Great idea, thank you, and I promptly bought the domain name and set the whole idea aside for awhile. "Awhile" as in nearly two years. (Note to self: We must constantly ask ourselves what are we waiting for...)

On a walk last fall, my wife Judit and I began talking about Xpelli and its possibilities. We talked about how we could share the concept of Kokopelli with his magic, mirth and mischief to a wider audience; how we could encourage others to embrace these traits for themselves. Hey, we thought, Kokopelli has been relevant for 3000 years so let's help spread the magic!

We broke out our drawing pencils and paper and began sketching ideas, situations, phrases and names:

Now, a few short (and, at times, long!) months later, we've launched Xpelli with a website where we can share the concept as well as the first couple of designs. We have dozens completed already and are drawing more all the time. We'll add them on a regular basis to the collection so please check back and - if there's something you'd like to see - just drop us a note!

Enjoy the moment!