The Dream. Believe. Do. Workshop

The Dream. Believe. Do. Workshop is the most impactful hands-on, interactive, one-day transformational program offered to get you started toward your dream. At its heart lies practical and effective techniques to clearly define your dream, identify the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving it (and, importantly, identify solutions for overcoming those obstacles) and create an action plan for achieving your dream.


The workshop is taught by Dennis Hodges, Co-founder of Dream. Believe. Do., who has led inspirational workshops in more than 10 countries around the world. Dennis uses stories, analogies and a mix of creative thinking techniques to keep things lively and to encourage you toward your goal.

Every attendee will receive a professionally printed 50-page bound workbook to be completed as the day unfolds and for take-home purposes. This workbook, which serves as your roadmap for moving forward, includes each of the program's major lessons of Dream. Believe. Do., inspirational quotes and stories from other dream achievers and contains the unique exercises we'll do together that will help you apply and integrate the material you'll learn before the end of the day!


During our time together, you will:

  • Have time to unplug from other pressures in your life and focus on you
  • Clearly define/refine your dream
  • Learn how it is possible to achieve your dream
  • Identify obstacles preventing you from reaching your dream and how to overcome them
  • Have time for reflection and action
  • Connect with others who are also pursuing their dreams
  • Create an action plan and take the first step toward your dream
  • Leave the workshop with a plan in hand

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Dream. Believe. Do.